Ben Roy's website

About me

My name is Ben, I'm 22, deaf, I have been since age of 7.

Being Christian

I grew up as Christian, and I was raised. There's not much to say about it, but it is pretty important for me, being Christian, I want to continue to improve my relationship with God.

My Testimony

I will write this later in near future, but there's a short story: I was baptized a few years ago when I opened my eyes and realized that I needed Christ in my life.


I have been into gaming, and I was involved in other gaming communities.

There I was involved in gaming communities:
TheMine(2013-2015) - Founder
GFLClan(2014-present) - CS:GO FFA DeathMatch Server Manager
Les Chevalier Royale(2016-present)

Gaming History

GFL history
Somewhere in February, mostly near, beginning to March of 2014, I started joining CS:S Zombie because I got bored of MC, only a little, and it was really late at that time.
11PM or something like that, I joined and liked it. I started playing the day after and invited Thomasdavid097 and started playing since then
I donated, for just 1 month only, and I liked it. It expired and I originally planned to donate again but I couldn't.
I begin absence until I started lurking in the forums starting in September '14. During that time, I played CSS DR and sometimes ZE.
In December '14, I started playing CSGO, joined ZE, and attempted to apply in Feb. 2015 and failed, mainly because I tried to be on as much as I can. Few months later, in late May, CSGO DR was released. I joined during the launch day, and few days later, I chose to apply because I loved DR and was convinced by someone. I got accepted.
In October 2015, I spoke to Roy about 24/7 Office, and asked me if I wanted to manage, and I said yes.
The server was changed multiple times, mainly because I was not sure if it'd be popular. In Jan. 25, 2016, Casual Competitive was released and went well on launch day.
In March 17, 2016, I applied for Combat Surf as admin, and got accepted on March 19.
In May 2016, I got applied and got accepted for GMod DarkRP
In July 2016, I was chosen as Combat Surf Server Manager.
In August 2016, FFA DM was released and went well.
RIP CS:S Zombie Escape
RIP TF2 Division