Ben Roy's website

What it is about

This page is about projects that focus on stuff such as, Minecraft Maps and servers.
Stuff below are private. Screenshots can be found on Blog(Coming soon).


Project name Type Private/Public Details
Earth RP Server Private Minecraft server
Parkour: Ninja Warrior Minecraft Map Private Minecraft Map


If you're interested of using my Parkour map, please contact my email, which can be found on bottom.
I don't have interest of releasing my MC server at the moment, so it's private, and whitelisted. If you're really interested in my Minecraft server, please contact me.

Just to let you know: I do not release most of my projects that's based on the servers.
If my project is used for gaming community, I don't have rights to release it. If it's used for the community, they can do whatever they wish to do. Simple as that. Keep in mind, I'm still new to this table thing which is used for stuff to list.