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Welcome to Ben Roy's website

Not much information in the site. Just head over About Me page which is finally updated. My website is personal, and there's nothing big going on around here.

Last site update: 18 July 2017


Because I am a part of Discord HypeSquad members, I am asking you to join Discord. Below, I will tell you what Discord is about and why you should join.

It's all in-one voice and text chat for anyone to use! Time to skip TeamSpeak and Skype, and go with Discord. There's why:

1. There will be upcoming features, like screenshare, webcam - and it's coming this year!
2. So simple, and easy to use.
3. So many different types of the server. There's a Christian Gaming Server! Or a fellowship server called ChristCord. Or RuneScape servers based from subreddit /r/RuneScape!

What are you waiting for? Click here to join!